10 Day Detox Diet | Flush It Out in 10 Days

10 Day Detox Diet – Overview

In today’s modern world, people usually don’t look after their health and they end up suffering from issues such as bloating, laziness, obesity, anxiety, and more. We all should pay attention to living a healthy life after all health is the real wealth.

To keep your body healthy and free from toxins, there are many types of shakes and drinks that you can prepare in your home. The method for cleansing a body is called detoxification.

10 day Detox Diet
10 day Detox Diet

Who doesn’t like to have delicious fast foods? Fast foods, fried snacks, and other foods are not healthy still people are fond of consuming them every day. They produce toxins in the body that slows down the digestion system and metabolism system.

Detoxification of your body is needed to boost up the digestion system. It also helps to make the metabolism more functional. The 10-day detox diet given here cleanses your body by flushing away all the toxins and fills in new energy in your body.

How does 10-day Detox Diet help you?

A 10-day detox diet is a great way to cleanse your body and remove all the toxins from the digestive system and the other organs. This 10-day detox diet acts as a reset button for your body. The primary benefit of this diet is to re-energize your body. By removing harmful toxins and boosting your metabolism.

What you can expect from this diet after the completion of its period is a healthy and light body. You will notice that you have already cut down a few pounds from your body weight without doing anything. Besides this, you will also see the natural glow in your face and the body skin will become shinier.

How does 10-day Detox Diet help you
How does 10-day Detox Diet help you?

The best thing about this 10-day detox diet is it refills your body with great energy. It is not as difficult as you might have imagined, the 10-day detox diet can be practiced by anyone with little guidance. If you want to cleanse your body and re-energize your metabolism, then you must follow this diet for 10-days to see the desired results.

If you don’t want to follow the diet plan, then you can live up to your meals and diet plan. Always prefer to eat homecooked food with less oil. Avoid fast food, packets of snacks, fried items, cold-drinks for 10-days to see the positive results.

When you practice having home cooked foods for 10 days, it will encourage you to follow this practice in the future also. It’s a great way to avoid junk foods. If you are eager to know more about this 10-day Detox Diet, then here we have put together all the information that you can follow to cleanse your body.

10-Day Detox Diet: Procedure to Follow

Before you start practicing this detox diet for 10-days, you should know about the list of things that you must avoid during this period. You can have these things post this diet period in moderation, but are requested to strictly avoid them at least for 10 days i.e. the diet period for the 10-days detox diet plan.

10-Day Detox Diet: Procedure to Follow
10-Day Detox Diet: Procedure to Follow

Things to Avoid During 10-Days Detox Diet

  • Cold drinks/ Soft drinks/ Soda
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Junk foods/ fast foods/ processed foods
  • Fried items
  • Red meat
  • Dairy Products

Make sure you cut down on these things for 10 days if you want to see the desired results at the end of the 10-day diet period. If you start consuming these foods, then you will not get positive results.

Remember one thing, your body is what you eat. If you eat unhealthy food, you will start seeing the negatives of it in your body. We urge you to avoid these items as much as possible in your daily life.

You may have heard about cutting down these food items from the fitness people. They don’t consume these things as they have to take care of their body and health. To become a fit and healthy person, avoid the above-listed food items and cold drinks.

Things You Can Eat During 10-Days Detox Diet

Healthy food items are allowed to consume by those who are following this diet plan. You can have vegetables, fruits, unprocessed foods, and many other healthy items that are good for your body. Let’s check out the benefits of having healthy food items during this detox period.


All vegetables are good for a healthy body and for that reason, you can have them all during this period. Some special veggies have good properties that flush down the toxins quickly from the digestive system. Add up to 60% of vegetables to your regular meals. You can add them to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

10 day Detox Diet - Vegetables
10 day Detox Diet – Vegetables

Raw vegetables are considered superfoods for human beings as they drive toxins from the digestive system and the liver. Raw veggies are good as they are full of nutrients, unlike cooked veggies. You can also make a thick shake of the veggies.


Besides vegetables, you can also consume fruits throughout the 10-days detox diet plan. You can have grapes, lemons, bananas, apples, kiwis, and all the other fruits. Limit the intake of these fruits as they carry extra calories. Take up to 80 grams of fruits in your meal. Apart from this, lean proteins and healthy fats are also allowed to consume throughout the diet period. These are the essential nutrients that we all need in daily life.

10 day Detox Diet - Fruits
10 day Detox Diet – Fruits

Unprocessed carbs such as potatoes, oatmeal, legumes are allowed. These are the perfect alternatives to rice, pasta, and the bread that we usually take during breakfast. Carbohydrates provide the required energy to do routine tasks and for that reason, you need to take them regularly throughout the period.

Simple Detox Meal Plan for a 10-Day Detox Diet

If you have decided to start following the 10-day detox diet to live a full detox life, then here’s the simple detox meal plan prepared for you that you should follow for 10-days. You can add or eliminates the ingredients as per your taste and requirements. Do not add the unwanted things listed above to your diet.

On average, you can take up to six meals a day throughout the diet period. Starting from breakfast to dinner, here’s the full-day meal plan prepared for you.

Breakfast: You can take fresh veggie juice with almonds and fruits. You can also prepare recipes with natural oatmeal for breakfast. The breakfast time is 8.00 AM.

Morning Snack: You can take up to four slices of apple in the morning snack time around 10.00 AM. You can also use peanut butter with it.

Lunch: In your lunch, you can add green veggies, fish, or grilled chicken. If you are a vegetarian, then you can use cooked potatoes instead of grilled chicken or fish. Make sure you add good amount of leafy vegetables to your lunch at noon.

Evening Snack: Around 4.00 PM, you can take carrots or celery.

Dinner: Around 8.00 PM, during dinner time you can take vegetables and fruits with turkey or meat.

10 day Detox Diet - Dinner
10 day Detox Diet – Dinner

Water also plays a vital role in the digestion of all types of things that you consume throughout the day. Do not forget to drink plenty of water. We all should drink up to 4 liters of water every day to keep the organs healthy.

Final Thoughts:

This is how you can start a 10-Day Detox Diet at your home. Depending on the available food items and sources, you can plan out the daily meals. The detox diet plan is not suitable for everyone.

People who are suffering from diseases or are on medications should not follow this diet as it may cause extra troubles. Make sure to consult with your family physician before making any changes to your routine.

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