3 Potential Benefits of a Coffee Detox

3 Potential Benefits of a Coffee Detox

It may seem crazy to even consider going off coffee for a couple of days. There’s nothing more satisfying than a nice hot morning hit of caffeine. If you’re like us, your day just truly wouldn’t happen without that first cup… and that mid-morning pick-me-up, and the afternoon coffee break… and maybe even a quick evening espresso.

But as fun, as it is to joke about coffee addiction, coffee habits can have a serious effect on health. If you’re concerned about cutting toxins from your diet, and about living a more vibrant and healthy life, it is worth considering detox from coffee.

A coffee detox can be as simple as going off it for just a week, or the detox could turn into a more permanent lifestyle change. It all depends on what health benefits you’re looking for and on how far you’re willing to go.

Whatever your plans, let’s talk about the potential health benefits that you can expect from any kind of coffee detox.

1. More Energy

This point may seem counterintuitive because – of course – coffee gives us energy. So then why would quitting coffee somehow lead to more energy? The answer has to do with dependency on caffeine.

Dr. Alejandro Unger is a wellness expert who has argued extensively in favor of eliminating coffee from one’s diet. Unger writes that “coffee is such a strong stimulant, and after a while your adrenals become exhausted.”

coffee detox energy He goes on to explain that thinking also gets affected by caffeine and that everything from energy levels to liver function is affected by coffee.

For these reasons, Dr. Unger claims that dependency on caffeine often actually lowers your energy levels. This is because of the ways that coffee affects your adrenaline, but also just because coffee changes the way your body works.

A huge benefit of a coffee detox is that your body will have the chance to go back to normal. Without having to regulate the stimulating effects of coffee, you will have more energy to do fun things, like maybe a trip to the beach, or just enough energy to stay alert all day at work.

Without caffeine, you’ll be able to enjoy reliable and sustained energy. You won’t be struggling to deal with big crashes and all the other chaos that comes alongside coffee addiction.

2. Better Sleep Rhythm

Sleep is about more than just cramming rest into a crazy day. In a perfect world, we would all stick to a reliable sleep schedule, and this nightly respite would serve the important role of letting ourselves unwind, reset, and stay in a healthy routine.

But many people struggle with an erratic sleep cycle and – of course – coffee is, in part, to blame. Any cup after lunch has the potential to keep you up at night.

And there’s more to this than just the amount of caffeine consumption. If you drink coffee at different times day today – for example, if you sometimes have an emergency cup on especially rough afternoons – a whole other variable is being thrown into your sleep routine.

Cutting out coffee means that you’ll no longer have to worry about watching your bedtime move later and later throughout the week. If you let your body take the lead, the routine will become much more important than short-term stimulation.

This regularity will ensure that you always get enough sleep. But it will also ensure that you get higher quality sleep. Letting your body fall into a routine will mean that you’ll no longer have to worry about restless sleep when your body isn’t ready to lie down yet. Cutting out coffee can go an incredibly long way in upping the quality of your rest.

Additionally, we now know that great sleep leads to weight loss, which is another great benefit. You could even try a detox tea weight loss product during your coffee detox for an added fat-burning boost!

3. Better Skin

This particular benefit may seem a bit incongruous. Of course, it’s not that coffee is doing anything to hurt your skin. Rather, many coffee drinkers do not stay sufficiently hydrated throughout the day, and this leads to dry and stressed skin.

Going off coffee means that when you need a quick pause at work, you’ll be more likely to pick up a glass of water. Many health professionals are quick to point out that almost no one drinks enough water, and this dehydration takes a huge toll.

Without enough water, you struggle to maintain moisturized skin, and your body is unable to perform some of its important metabolic functions. Not only will quitting coffee help you to consume more water, but it will also help you retain the liquid.

One of the most obnoxious effects of coffee addiction is the constant trips to the bathroom. We’re all familiar with the post-coffee sprint. This is because caffeine is a diuretic, meaning that it encourages your natural excretion processes. In general, this is a good thing, but this does mean that many coffee drinkers lose water throughout the day without properly replenishing it.

Final Thoughts

For all these reasons, it can be beneficial to detox from coffee. Your body will thank you, and once you get over the horrible hump of the first couple of days, you’ll be feeling great!

Everyone’s body is different, and for some, their metabolism can easily mitigate the negative effects of coffee. For some people, a coffee detox maybe just a one- or two-week-long project before resuming normal habits. Coffee detox benefits

For others, however, this detox may reap huge benefits. If you choose to stick with it, know that you could be doing a huge favor for your health and your happiness.

If you stick with the detox but still crave the satisfying taste of a morning cup, check out the whole range of decaf coffee products that have gained more popularity.

The best news is that if you do end up embracing a coffee detox and breaking the addiction, you can always enjoy an incredible cup every once in a while. This may be the best benefit of a coffee detox: when you do enjoy an occasional coffee, the satisfaction will be incredible – more than worth changing your daily routine.