About Me

Hi, I’m Leslie Jones and welcome to my personal health blog! I’m a life-long student to the practice of detox. My years of personal experiences with detoxing has left me truly astonished.

I’ve been able to achieve incredible results, and exceed all of my personal health and fitness goals. It has, however, taken years of research and personal experimentation to understand which products and programs are truly effective.

My sole goal of this blog is to share all of this information with you! This is all started after perusing the web one day. I noticed there wasn’t much honest information available on the practice of detoxing.

This is, of course, outside of some Amazon reviews (which you cant always trust). I sought to create a reputable blog with honest reviews on the many different detox products on the market. The growing fitness/nutrition market is full of products that are completely bogus and expensive! I’m here to tell you a secret, the best products are not necessarily the most expensive.


I’ve traveled far and wide sampling products from every corner of the globe.

This blog will serve as a record of those travels chronicling the various detox methods and products I’ve discovered along the way. Browse around and check out my products reviews to help get started on your detox journey. I’ve rated the best detox products that are available today including teas, pills, beverages, diet plans and etc..

Whether your goal is weight loss, drug and substance cleaning or, general wellness I’ve provided my best advice to get you started! Enjoy


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