Gallbladder Cleanse Diet – Liver Flush

Gallbladder Cleanse Diet

Gallbladder Cleanse Diet is also known as gallbladder flush or liver flush. Gallbladder cleanse is a special diet used to prevent users from developing gallstones.

Gallstones block gallbladder ducts that cause extreme pain, nausea, and other troubles. People who have developed gallstones would be suggested to remove them through medical surgery.

Gallbladder Cleanse Diet
Gallbladder Cleanse Diet

Gallbladder Cleanse is claimed to be the most effective diet for those who are suffering from gallstones. However, there’s no clear evidence published or reported. Some researches have proven that a gallbladder cleansing diet has helped many users in the past few years.

What is Gallbladder?

It is a small-sized organ situated just below the liver. It looks like a pear and is very tiny. The primary function of the gallbladder is collecting and storing bile produced from the liver. Any disturbance to the gallbladder may lead to cancer or gallstones.

As per recent studies, a good diet can reduce the risk of developing gallstones. You can keep your gallbladder healthy by adopting good eating habits. People who have a history of gallstones or any type of problems with the gallbladder should go for the perfect diet.

What is a Gallbladder
What is a Gallbladder

Since there is no specific diet for the cleansing of this organ available, natural remedies can help you out. Some dietary guidelines can help you keep this small-sized organ healthy. Let’s check out the main functions of this organ in the human body.

Gallbladder Functions

Just like the liver, a gallbladder serves multiple functions to keep our body healthy. The main function of this organ is to collect and store the bile produced by the liver.

The gallbladder then uses this hardened bile to digest food by sending them to the small intestine.

  • Collects and Stores Bile from the Liver
  • Pushes Bile towards the Small Intestine to Breakdown the food
  • Regulates the functions of the liver
  • Regulates the functions of the small intestine
  • Eliminates bilirubin from the body

What is Gallbladder Cleanse?

Gallbladder cleanse is nothing but adopting new eating and drinking habit. IT starts with consuming olive oil and other herbs continuously for hours. Vegetables, fruits, and many other food items that you can use as a Gallbladder Cleanse.

Gallbladder Cleanse Diet

Try adding the following food items that are good for the regulations of different organs of your body including the liver and the gallbladder.

1. Fresh fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are good for a healthy body. You can eliminate harmful toxins from your body’s organs by simply having a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. Raw vegetables are good as they are full of nutrients for resolving almost all types of body problems.

Gallbladder cleanse diet - fresh fruits and vegetables
Gallbladder cleanse diet – fresh fruits and vegetables

When you start eating fresh vegetables and fruits, you will start losing extra body fat that keeps you healthy and fit.

2. Foods with Lean Protein

Gallbladder cleanse diet - foods with lean protein
Gallbladder cleanse diet – foods with lean protein

Go for lean protein or we can say low-fat protein products. Many users confuse between high-fat protein and lean protein. You can try out zero-fat dairy products, fish, poultry, soy milk, and other items that contain low fat.

Lean protein is essential to repair the broken tissues in your body. It also helps gain muscles that ultimately keep your body healthy.

3. Fiber-Rich Food

Gallbladder cleanse diet - fiber rich food
Gallbladder cleanse diet – fiber-rich food

You will get all types of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from fresh vegetables and fruits. Fiber is essential for the regulation of the digestive system. Studies have seen that fiber helps prevent the formation of gallstones. It is good for the gallbladder’s health.

Besides vegetables and fruits, you can add legumes, seeds, nuts, whole grains to your diet. These food items are rich in fiber and regulate your digestive system.

Apart from this, calcium, magnesium, folate, and healthy fat are also good for the health of the gallbladder and liver.

Studies have also proven that the consumption of coffee regulates the function of the gallbladder. Coffee has various properties that help the gallbladder to function well.

Spinach, black peas, yogurt, rice, avocado, peanuts, asparagus, broccoli, tomatoes, strawberries are good sources of calcium, magnesium, folate, and other useful vitamins and minerals.

What foods should you avoid?

Gallbladder cleanse diet - foods to avoid
Gallbladder cleanse diet – foods to avoid

Studies have also proven that some foods encourage the development of gallstones. If you are worried about your health and want to keep this small-sized organ healthy, then try to cut down the following food items from your diet. If you are addicted to these items, then reduce their consumption from today.

  • Fried foods
  • Reduce the consumption of meat
  • Avoid using butter and cheese
  • Eliminate candies, ice creams, chocolates
  • White flour
  • Cookies and Cakes
  • Fatty meats
  • Fast foods

Should you Try a Gallbladder Cleanse?

Gallbladder Cleanse prevents the development of gallstones and cancer to this small-sized organ. If you want to keep this organ healthy, then start the gallbladder cleanse diet from now.

The diet starts by cutting foods for a few days and living with a mixture of olive oil, herbs, and other natural juices. The diet starts breaking out the gallstone that you can flush out through pee.

Consult with your family physician first as the cleanse can cause some side effects. People who have followed this diet experienced nausea, pain in the stomach, diarrhea. If you can’t bear the pain, then simply avoid this cleanse diet.