Guest Posts


Guest posting is a great way to share your views, ideas and tips with like-minded people and a fantastic way to promote your own blog, products or social media profiles.

Here at The Detox Doc, we actively welcome your guest posting submissions and would love to publish content from our loyal readers and guest authors.

We do have a few rules but if you meet the criteria below, please feel free to contact us to review an article for publication to the The Detox Doc.


  • The article you submit for publication must be UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE to The Detox Doc blog. That means the article should not have been published anywhere else previously and should not be published anywhere else in the future if it is accepted and published.


  • The article you submit must be thoroughly researched, HIGH QUALITY and relevant to the blog. This blog deals only with detox and subjects closely related. For topic ideas, please take a look at the categories in menu bar. Only the best will be published so make sure you submit only your best work.


  • You may include one link back to your website, blog or social media profile within the blog post which may be anchor text and you may include one more link within your author byline or resource box at the end of the post.


  • Your author byline should be one or two sentences explaining who you are and what you do. Please place this at the end of your article.


  • The blog or website you link to must be health related and related to the topic of your guest post. We will not publish any articles with links to any unrelated topic.


  • The Detox Doc blog reserves the right to reject any article. We also reserve the right to edit your post, including title, grammar, punctuation, images etc.. Please don’t be offended if this happens as we’re simply making sure your post will be as successful as possible. Don’t worry it won’t be altered substantially.


  • If you use an image you must have permission to use it, or at least use one where there is no copyright issue. If an image says that it’s only available for non-commercial uses, then we can’t use it. Please send us a link to the image’s original location, and be sure to credit the image’s owner when applicable (Including their name and a link to their website).


  • Length of post: We’re more concerned about the ‘quality’ and ‘relevance’ of a post than we are with the specific word count. Posts should be at least 1100 words and preferably 1300 words or more. Longer posts are preferred, but not a requirement.


  • We are looking for posts that have the “Sharability Factor” that makes people want to share it via Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media Outlets… This will help bring massive exposure to your content!


  • It is good guest posting practice to promote your submission once it goes live via social media channels.

If you agree to abide by the above criteria then please contact us via the contact form to advise us of your proposed title. Once approved, you can reply and email us an attached copy of your blog post.



-The Detox Doc Team