Master Cleanse Recipe (aka The Lemonade Cleanse)

The Powerful Master Cleanse Recipe for Detox Diet

The master cleanse recipe, sometimes referred to as the lemonade diet, was developed in the early 1940s by a renowned alternative medical practitioner, Stanley Burroughs.

This drink is made of natural, powerful ingredients that together detoxify the body, cleanse the colon and promote rapid weight loss.

For this reason, the master cleanse drink is often considered one of the most effective diets for weight loss according to U.S News Health editors. It’s also a fantastic way to detoxify your body.

Why should you detox?

Great question. Well, our bodies can eliminate toxins and unwanted matter naturally. Various organs such as the liver and kidneys aid in this toxin removal.

lemonade diet toxins
Master Cleanse Recipe – Lemonade diet toxins

However, these organs may become overwhelmed over time.

This is due to the accumulation of excess toxins caused by poor lifestyle choices and environmental factors.

Some studies suggest that we are exposed to more than 700,000 different toxic chemicals daily.

This buildup of toxins is very harmful to your general health. Environmental toxins also prevent your body from burning excess fat naturally. For these reasons, you should consider detoxing!

How do I start the Master Cleanse?

  1. Consider trying a better, healthier alternative.
  2. Have a chat with your physician.
  3. Understand how the cleanse works
  4. Purchase Fresh Ingredients
  5. Avoid exercise during the master cleanse diet
  6. Eliminate unhealthy foods
  7. Limit the amount of time on the diet

Step 1  |  Consider trying a better, healthier alternative

Step 1 is a word of caution. The Master Cleanse Diet is not for the faint of heart. The Diet places the body in a severe, nutrient-deprived state that is not considered healthy by experts.

Our Recommended Alternative for Master Cleanse Recipe

We recommend trying the Green Tea Extract over the Master Cleanse. It’s proven to be healthier and more effective at maintaining weight loss, whereas the master cleanse only provides temporary weight loss.

Learn more about our favorite detox for weight loss, Green Tea Extract. Overall, you’ll see much better results than any master cleanse program.

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Step 2 | Have a chat with your physician about the safety of a master clean diet

If you’re still wanting to give the “lemonade diet” a try, let’s keep going to step 2…Talk to your doctor first!

Always consult your physician before starting this detox process.

This applies to people with cancer, anemia, diabetes, and intestinal obstruction. It also may prove to be a problem for people with chronic health conditions such as diabetes and cancer.

By talking to your doctor, you will be able to learn what is acceptable and what works for you. You may also discover effective alternatives that produce a similar effect but are less potent.

Step 3 | Understand how the master cleanse recipe works

Since the master cleanse diet is highly restrictive, make sure you understand how it works. At the bottom half of this post, you will read about the history, effects and benefits of the master cleanse.

Missing a single ingredient in this recipe or skipping a particular step may render the concoction useless. You should have a detailed copy of all the ingredients required and steps for preparing the diet (don’t forget to bookmark this page).

Check out our video below for a quick intro to the diet and the ingredients you’ll need for the master cleanse recipe.

Step 4 | Purchase fresh ingredients

Once you have a solid idea of what is required, head to the supermarket. The good news is that this lemonade does not require complex ingredients or exotic supplements.

You can easily find lemon juice, maple syrup and distilled water in your local grocery store. Make sure that all the fruits and are as fresh as possible before preparing the mixture.

master cleanse recipe
master cleanse recipe

Furthermore, you are advised not to make more than a day’s supply. The mix can go bad quickly even when refrigerated.

Step 5 | Avoid exercise during the master cleanse diet

The beauty of the master cleanse diet is that it can help you lose weight without exercise. You should avoid exercise when performing this diet. Your body will typically be weak during the initial stages.

The low-calorie diet means that your body will not be able to produce enough energy for regular exercise. Pausing your workout plan until the cleansing period is over is your surest means of achieving success without complicating matters.

Step 6 | Eliminate unhealthy foods

To ease your body in preparation for the master cleanse diet, you should develop more awareness of what you eat. Processed foods, alcohol, sugary drinks, caffeine and red meat are not an option if you want to succeed.

You should focus on eating fresh, raw, organic foods in preparation for this special diet. Start by eating fruits and vegetables more regularly before switching to a liquid-only diet such a soup and broth.

Step 7 | Limit the amount of time on the master cleanse diet

Some people get it all wrong here. They tend to spend a lot of time on the diet hoping to get fast and long-lasting results.

Nevertheless, diet experts suggest that spending a lot of time undergoing a master cleanse is not the way to go as it might turn out to be detrimental to your overall wellbeing.

It is recommended that you keep this diet for a maximum of 10 days to achieve good results. The Detox should only take 3 to 5 days. A 2-day master cleanse is common.

That’s it. Just 7 easy steps

Now, here’s how to prepare the drink

Whether you want to lose weight or purify your body, the success of the diet depends on you. Mainly how you prepare the drink and your daily intake. Here is a detailed guide to preparing the perfect lemonade diet.

Ultimate Master Cleanse Recipe: Main Ingredients

  • Distilled water
  • Organic maple syrup
  • Organic cayenne pepper
  • Laxative tea (optional)
  • Decaffeinated natural herbal tea (optional)
  • Organic lemons
  • Non-ionized salt

Use natural fresh ingredients

Drinking pure filtered water or distilled water is considered among the best ways of cleansing your body naturally. For this reason, this ingredient is a crucial part of the master cleanse diet.

Avoid using tap water or bottled water as they contain chemicals that may be harmful to your health.

All the other ingredients should be organic. Non-organic fruits and vegetables are often sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals.

Avoid concentrated lemon juice as it is known to contain sugar and other preservatives. Also, you should only use Grade B maple syrup as processed syrup contains artificial flavors and high sugar concentration. The syrup provides most of the calories. Hence the alternate name, “maple syrup diet”.

The reason for using lemon and maple syrup is that they are rich sources of vitamins and minerals.

maple syrup diet
master cleanse recipe – maple syrup diet

The salt should be non-ionized. If you have issues with salt consumption, you should consider alternatives such as laxative tea. However, the tea should not contain caffeine or any other elements that may hurt the effectiveness of the concoction.

Master Cleanse Recipe: Serving information

  • 12 Tablespoons of organic lime or lemon juice
  • 12 Tablespoons of organic maple syrup
  • 1/2 Teaspoon of cayenne pepper
  • 60 ounces of pure filtered water

Above is our master cleanse recipe in a six-serving recipe. Drink a minimum of 6 glasses of lemonade diet daily for best results.

Adding laxatives such as sea salt or herbal tea to your drink may help the detox process. They could also help rid excess fat faster. Remember to always consult a doctor first!

Experts recommend that you take this lemonade diet for about 10 days. This allows for safer, desirable results.

What are the benefits of a master cleanse regimen?

  • Cleanse the Entire Body
  • Improves Digestion
  • Suppresses Appetite
  • Strengthens the Immune System
  • Enhances Metabolism
  • Promotes Youth and Elasticity
  • Improves Energy Levels
  • and more…

As you can see, this drink comes with a wide range of benefits.  Better yet, it can work for anyone regardless of health status and dietary restrictions. Keep reading below for details on each of these, plus additional benefits!

master cleanse benefits
master cleanse recipe – benefits

1. Cleanse the Entire Body

The original purpose of this complete body cleanse diet is to dispel toxins from your body. The master cleanse drink works efficiently to cleanse your entire body, by detoxifying all your organs.

It also eliminates and prevents future waste buildup, giving you a long-term solution to dealing with harmful toxins. Additionally, this lemonade diet also removes environmental waste caused by air pollution and contaminated water.

2. Improves Digestion

This detox program demands that you stop taking solid food for a specified period. Maple syrup provides most of your daily calories. Hence the name “Maple Syrup Diet”. This will give your digestive system a chance to clear any waste and repair itself.

According to, the master cleanse performs a natural colon cleanse and helps flush away foreign substances in your digestive tract.

3. Suppresses Appetite

Consuming junk food and other oily foods can be addictive and toxic. That’s why practicing clean eating habits is so important to our health. The toxins in junk food are heavily associated with numerous lifestyle diseases.

The highlight of this drink is that it suppresses appetite, subsequently stopping the influx of unhealthy food. You’ll no longer have to decide what to eat each day, which according to, frees up much of your mental energy and money.

4. Strengthens the Immune System

The master cleanse diet strengthens the immune system by fighting disease-causing germs. It also supports the lymphatic system that plays a crucial role in preventing and fighting diseases.

The lemonade cleanse recipe contains high amounts of Vitamin C. A vital nutrient is known to help boost the immune system.

5. Enhances Metabolism

Your metabolism rate plays a crucial role as far as detox and weight loss are concerned. The metabolic process determines how fast impurities and other harmful toxins exit your body.

Fasting can increase metabolism after just 48hrs. This is according to a study from Queen’s Medical Centre in the U.K. (

6. Promotes Youth and Elasticity

Dealing with the effects of aging such as wrinkles and frown lines can be tedious and too much to ask. However, this is not the case when it comes to drinking the lemonade cleanse.

The master cleanse drink contains a variety of ingredients. Together, they could help provide a glowing look and improved elasticity.

7. Improves Energy Levels

The truth about this cleanse is that you will feel fatigued, to begin with. Be sure to stay on track and eventually these feelings will subside.

Once acclimated, the body will begin storing more and more energy. This is due to the removal of energy-sapping foods.

8. Purifies Glands and Bodily Cells

Consuming the master cleanse drink not only detoxes your body but also purifies your glands and bodily cells. It can even help flush metabolites from substances.

The lemonade diet helps eliminate hidden toxins. It can purge toxins hidden in the glands and cells of your body.

9. Perfect for Quick Weight Loss

The process of losing weight and burning excess fat can be long and tiresome. This is because it involves exhaustive workout routines and strict dietary regimes.

Fortunately, the master cleanse offers an immediate and quick-term solution. It aids in the burning of fats without involving exercise. The diet contains various ingredients that prevent water retention, subsequently helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

10. Encourages Healthier Habits

The ripple effect of taking the master to cleanse drink is that it will encourage you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. You will start by watching what you eat and drink.

You will also be able to break some bad habits such as smoking and alcohol. This is why nutritionists generally recommend 3-day lemonade cleanse.

11. Boosts Mental Clarity

The master cleanse drink contains antioxidants that handle oxidative stress and improve mental health. Drinking this special lemonade drink will not only eliminate bodily toxins but also ensure that your brain functions ideally.

There’s been proven to be a strong correlation between what we eat and our mental state. To put it simply.. good in, good out.

master cleanse recipe
master cleanse recipe – lemonade cleanse

12. Builds a Healthy Bloodstream

This body cleanse drink cleans your bloodstream by removing impurities. This ensures that all your body organs receive clean blood and oxygen.

This is essentially good for your heart’s health as well as your general well-being.

13. Relives Irritation in Muscles and Joints

If you are usually complaining about inflammation in your joints and muscles, it could be toxic buildup.

However, one of the best ways to alleviate this ailment is undergoing a complete body cleanse.

14. Activates the Nervous System

The presence of toxins and harmful elements in your body restricts the nervous system. As a result, years of toxin buildup may cause some nerves to die or stop functioning optimally.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this. By doing a master cleanse, you can activate your nervous system and restore its functionality.

15. Strengthens the Bones

A study from the UVA Medical school found that fasting releases more human growth hormone (HGH) after five days. HGH aids in muscle and bone growth, metabolism, and heart function.

As if that is not enough, it also contains a small percentage of calcium and vitamins. Both play a crucial role in strengthening the bones.

Life-long Benefits of Master Cleanse Recipe

Besides the effects above, the benefits of the master cleanse diet are almost endless. It is cheap and easy to prepare. You do not have to purchase expensive supplements or ingredients to undergo this procedure. Also, it works relatively faster than conventional diet pills and detox teas.

Who should take the Master Cleanse?

Lemon is good for everyone, but cayenne pepper is not safe for everyone. If you are under medication or have been suffering from any type of disease, then you should not go for this diet. Consult your physician first before taking cayenne pepper.

Apart from this, the Master Cleanse should be avoided by pregnant women or those who are feeding their babies. People with blood pressure issues should also ignore this diet as it may cause difficulty in regulating blood pressure.

The Master Cleanse is not suitable for children. Avoid taking cayenne pepper extra doses. Follow the diet as per the direction and not for an extra period of 10 days. The diet plan is for 10 days only.

As mentioned already, this product is taking the health market by storm. If you haven’t checked it out already, read out the full Red Tea Detox review.

Another option to the lemonade diet is juice cleansing. This simply means undergoing a full juice diet. We’ve published a complete guide to help you get started. You can start making weight-loss smoothies right at home!

Other Types of Natural Cleanses

    • The Saltwater cleanse is another popular natural detox cleanse method that involves just sea salt and water. You can read more about that one our saltwater flush recipe.
    • You can also consider trying a natural colon cleanse. Many of our readers rave about the benefits of undergoing a 2-month colon detox.

Take Away: Is the Master Cleanse Diet Worth Trying?

master cleanse recipe - cleanse diet
master cleanse recipe

The existence of toxins in your body is the root of all diseases and health disorders. And unfortunately, we are constantly exposed to them.

The liver processes toxins but can get overpowered. This is due to unhealthy foods and exposure to pollutants.

Why Master Cleanse Recipe Worth Trying?

The only way to turn things around is to detoxify your body. No other recipe brings desirable results faster than the master cleanse drink.

The lemonade drink is extremely effective. There are also a few side effects apart from slight headaches and episodes of nausea or making you dizzy.

However, just a precaution, it is advisable that you consult your doctor in case you have any chronic health or medical conditions. Make sure you monitor your health, and particularly your bowel movements, during the cleanse. You should still consider this somewhat of a crash diet.

The highlight of this lemonade drink is that it is easy to prepare. All the required ingredients are readily available in your local grocery store.

Master Cleanse Recipe – It’s Easier Teaming Up With a Friend

Also, you do not have to spend a fortune to acquire the ready-made drink from the local health store. If you need a little bit of motivation to start on this diet regime, consider bringing a friend along.

It will help if you have someone who can offer support during the cleansing period. Alternatively, you can start with a juice cleanse, which is easier on the body. Check our article juicing for weight loss for more info.

So what are you waiting for? Start the master cleanse regime today and experience amazing results within a matter of days.