The Super Colon Cleanse Guide

Super Colon Cleanse Guide – Best Ways to Naturally Cleanse Your Colon

Your digestive system plays an important role in getting a healthy and fit body. One of the important organs in our digestive system is the colon.

super colon cleanse
super colon cleanse

For the optimal functioning of your digestive system, you need to take care of your colon health. Your colon needs to be cleaned to ensure proper digestive health.

Colon cleansing can help you in many ways to improve your digestion which will ultimately contribute to a fit and slim body.

What are the benefits of a Super Colon Cleanse?

Colon cleansing will cure irregular bowel movements and constipation. Some studies also support that colon cleansing will minimize the risk of colon cancer.

Today, there are many supplements available for gut cleansing purposes. These supplements can help to boost your colon health.

If you’re looking for more natural solutions, check out our list below!

7 Natural Methods for Super Colon Cleanse

There are many easy ways to cleanse your colon naturally. Most of them are safe if done properly. Following are our favorite seven natural methods that can be tried safely at your own home.

How to Cleanse Your Colon

  1. Supplements
  2. Water
  3. Juice
  4. Lemon Juice
  5. Herbal Teas
  6. More Resistant Starches
  7. Probiotics

1. Supplements

Supplements are one of the easiest and most effective ways for a colon cleanse. Today, there is a number of highly effective, natural products on the market today. One of our favorites are Digestive Science’s Intensive Colon Cleanse

intensive colon cleanse

The Intensive Colon Cleanse formulation is unique. Unlike other cleanses you’ll find on the market today that are little more than over-hyped laxatives, Intensive Colon Cleanse doesn’t leave you incapacitated, unable to leave the house for days with cramping and diarrhea.

It’s highly effective yet gentle

With a focus on revitalizing your colon and digestive system, the formulation includes a series of all-natural herbal laxatives in mild dosages that relieve constipation, gas, bloating, sluggish digestion, and more – WITHOUT stripping your colon of essential “good” bacteria!

Check this product out. The 2-Month Supply is a great buy and does the job!

2. Water

Water is one of the best super colon cleanse methods. Also, it is the safest and easiest way to clean your colon. Water will moisten your stool and will ensure easy passage through your colon.

If you do not drink an adequate amount of water, you will be dehydrated, causing a few bowel movements. Your body will need more water and in the absence of a sufficient amount, it will reabsorb from your bowel.

As a result, the stool will be dry and hard and you will have difficulty passing stools.

Our body is different, and so are our water needs. But you need to drink enough water every day. Numerous studies have been performed on the importance of staying hydrated alone.

Instead of drinking other beverages, you should drink plain water. Plain water does not contain calories and does not contribute to weight gain.

According to a 2013 study report, if you drink more than four cups of water on a daily basis, it will decrease the risk of colon cancer. Constipation is one of the major causes of colon cancer.

The same study also says that if you drink more than eight glasses of water every day, it can cure constipation and can offer some other health benefits as well.

3. Juice

Fruit and vegetable juice has some properties that can help to cleanse your colon. They can work as a colon cleanser if taken correctly. Fruit and vegetable juices have fiber, natural sugar, and phytochemicals that will cleanse your colon naturally.

super colon cleanse
super colon cleanse – apple juice

You can drink different types of juices such as apple, pear, banana, prune, grape, kiwi, plum, persimmon, and lemon juice for colon cleansing.

Some cleansing methods suggest consuming fluids only for a few days to improve your digestive tract as well as to cleanse your colon.

But some health authorities do not support this method. They believe that raw fruit juices can be hard on your liver and kidneys.

If users do not follow any proven method to kill those viruses and bacteria, then they can be ill. It can be very harmful to some chronic diseases like diabetics.

You can take them in the form of smoothies. It will keep water, fiber, and nutrients intact.

4. Lemon Juice

If you drink lemon juice regularly, it will improve your digestive health. You can get more benefits if you drink it on an empty stomach. It will enable the lemon compounds to interact with gut mucosa more easily.

lemon juice

A clean colon is required for doing some screening tests, including colonoscopies. Before the procedure, you need to use a colon cleansing preparation to clean your colon.

In 2015, a study done on colonoscopies found lemon effective for colon cleansing. Before the colonoscopy, the participants received a preparation of vitamin C or ascorbic acid.

Those people who had taken Vitamin C had better bowel movements than other groups.

Lemon juice is effective in cleansing colons since it is rich in vitamin C. So, so it acts as a natural colon cleanser.

5. Herbal Teas

You can also consider drinking herbal teas to clean your colon naturally. Herbal tea can be effective for your digestive health.

In 2014, Australian researchers found a connection between herbal tea and colon cancer. The research revealed that herbal tea could minimize the risk of colon cancer.

You can also take some natural tea, such as lemon tea and ginger tea, to improve your digestion.

6. More Resistant Starches

Foods rich in Fiber

Resistant starches work like fiber. You will find them in plant foods like rice, legumes, grains, bananas, grains, and potatoes.

These starches will boost your gut microflora and will promote a healthy colon. Also, they can reduce the risk of colon cancer.

However, resistant starches will be available in carbohydrates. If you are looking for a low-carb option, you can consider rice and waxy potatoes.

These options cause fewer blood sugar spikes.

You can include resistant starches in your diet, like fiber, to cleanse your colon.

7. Probiotics

Probiotics can also help to cleanse your diet. In addition, they can contribute to your overall health.

You can get the required amount of probiotics from probiotic-rich foods such as kimchi, pickles, yogurt, and fermented foods. If you want, you can also take probiotic supplements.

Probiotics can be very effective in introducing good bacteria to your gut. You can combine it with fiber and resistant starches to maximize the benefits.

You can try these natural ways to cleanse your colon. Talk to your doctor to avoid any possible side effects if you are suffering from chronic diseases.

What is Natural Colon Cleansing?

In natural colon cleansing, you do not need to depend on specific products and supplements to cleanse your colon. Instead, you need to use some natural products. These natural products are effective in cleaning the large quantities of toxic waste from your colon walls.

Colon cleansing can help to lose weight naturally. It will also improve your mental look and will boost your immunity.

Is a Colon Cleanse a Good Idea?

The natural bacteria in our colons can detoxify food wastes and the liver can neutralize toxins.

Additionally, the mucous membranes in our colon can prevent waste substances from entering internal tissues and blood. In brief, you can say that our body is capable enough to deal with waste deposits.

colon toxins

You might be thinking, if our body is naturally capable of cleansing the colon, then why do you need to follow different methods to cleanse the colon? Currently, you might not find any proven benefit of colon cleansing.

However, people, who have used natural methods to cleanse their colons, have experienced some major health benefits that include the following:

Colon Cleanse Benefits

  • Enhanced energy
  • The smooth functioning of the liver
  • Naturally removes toxins
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Positive Mood
  • Relieves cramps, gas, and bloating
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Minimizes the risk of colon cancer
  • Provide relief from loose stools or abdominal pain
  • It can help with bouts of frequent diarrhea


Is Cleansing Safe For Everyone?

Natural colon cleansing is safe for most people. You can practice it at home.


More importantly, you do not need to spend much for natural cleansing.

If you combine natural methods with fasting or if you increase the frequency, you can experience some side effects.

You need to be a little careful if you are suffering from blood pressure.

In that condition, you should avoid saltwater flushes and make sure that your sodium intake is low.

However, it might be harmful if you do not follow it properly. If using a product, read and follow directions carefully. And, always consult your physician.

What Are the Possible Side Effects of Colon Cleansing?

As stated earlier, you will not experience any side effects if you follow it properly. The intense cleanses might have the following side effects:

  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Cramping
  • Dehydration
  • Electrolyte imbalances

If you experience any of these symptoms, you can stop the cleansing immediately. Otherwise, it might damage your digestive system. When the side effect is severe, it is better to see a doctor.

Healthy individuals will not experience any side effects. But yes, overuse can cause chronic constipation and even bowel injury in rare conditions.

Remember… Start slow

You should make the process slow and gradual. If you are making major changes in your diet, it is better to take the suggestion of your doctor. That will include significantly increasing your fiber, smoothies, resistant starches, and juices.

You need to be careful while taking herbal teas. Some might affect your medications. You should refrain from taking laxatives more frequently. Laxatives can be harmful and can lead to chronic constipation.