THC Detox: How to Get Weed Out of Your System Fast

A Guest Post by John Miller.

How to Get Weed Out of Your System Fast

Passing a drug test is a major obstacle for many people, and I relate to the dilemma on a personal level. I worked really hard to obtain my college degree in computer science. My relentless pursuit of a high paying job paid off when I received multiple interviews and offers.

While I was certainly qualified, one thing stood in my way. The drug tests.

To be clear, I use medical marijuana responsibly and take it only as recommended by my doctor, the laws in my state are inflexible when it comes to passing a drug test for employment. That’s why I’m always looking for new detox products.

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My Marijuana Drug Testing Tale

Although I’ve changed my career goals, the problem remains the same. I need to work in order to pay the bills. Work requires me to pass random drug tests in order to keep my job.

I know many other people face a similar situation, so I thought that sharing some of my experiences might help others who need to work for a living regardless of their marijuana use.

Have you been tested for marijuana in a state that has already legalized it? If so, I really empathize with your situation.

The legal system is slow to change, and even medical marijuana use is being subjected to the same standards used during the so-called “war on drugs”. Most of us know that this herb is less harmful than alcohol, which has been legal since the end of prohibition.


How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?

Have you ever wondered how long it will take for marijuana to leave your system? I’m sure the answer is yes. If you are facing a drug test for employment, this should be a top concern.marijuana

Well, the answer isn’t simple, and the outcome will really depend on several things. For example, when a clinic performs a drug test for marijuana, they are testing to see if there are levels of THC that are high enough to trigger a positive result.

However, different people metabolize this part of the cannabis plant very differently. THC is fat soluble.

Adipose tissue, or fatty tissue, can retain this substance longer, so people with a higher BMI tend to hold THC in the body longer than people with a low BMI.

In other words, thin people will normally experience natural weed detox faster than overweight people. In addition, the person’s body mass index can tell you about the relative metabolic rates for THC.


How to Pass a Drug Test for Weed

There are many techniques that people use to pass a drug test. The basic idea is to encourage the metabolism to process the THC so that it falls below the threshold levels during the clinical test.

Exercising is often advised by people who don’t understand that the THC levels could actually increase because it will leave the bloodstream via the urinary tract.

Finally you should buy a reliable detox product, I personally recommend  The 10-Day Detox

More on 10-Day Detoxing

The 10-day THC detox kit from Rescue Detox is a bit expensive, but you don’t want to go cheap when it comes to your livelihood.

Also, keep in mind that other detox kits can offer varying results depending on your body-mass index, or BMI (body fat %), frequency of use, quality of THC in the marijuana and other factors.

This product includes 150 pills, a fluid ounce of liquid detox formula and an ounce of dietary fiber. Collectively, this combo allows you to safely pass a urine drug test (and even some hair tests!).

I also recommend picking up a good drug testing kit from Amazon to track progress.


How it Works

The instructions are clearly provided for easy reference, and this is the most important area to give your full attention. If you are serious about passing a drug test, you will need to follow the instructions without deviation.

This includes things like proper water consumption and the number of pills that must be taken daily.

Many of my friends asked me what a person can expect from this program, and they are right to question any detox program. My answer to them is that users can expect to benefit from a high-quality product that is made from natural ingredients.

I’m telling you, this system works, and it’s that simple. In addition, there are no animal ingredients and no synthetic materials.

The pills will start to affect the body within the first hour after use. The program is designed to get THC out of the blood, saliva and urine. This is the best way to truly undergo a marijuana detox.


Official Product Review: 10 Day Detox Program by TestClear

Benefits and Features

The 10-day detox program from TestClear are beneficial for anyone who needs to pass a drug test. This can be a game-changer for people like me who need to pass the drug test for an employer.

The most significant benefit is the program’s ability to tackle extreme levels of exposure to drugs. urine testTestClear will benefit anyone looking for a reliable THC detox system, and it has been ranked among the top performers for brands offering detox methods.

TestClear products feature a money-back guarantee, so you can use it without worrying about the efficacy.

This guarantee comes directly from the manufacturer as a statement of confidence in the product. Other useful features include the promo codes, helpful articles, testimonials and the company’s product list.

Additional information and articles are displayed on the website’s research page, so consumers can become more educated about drug testing methods, procedures and other issues directly from the site.

Pros and Cons

TestClear provides a reliable method to deal with a mandatory drug test. It can be used for people testing to get onto a sports team, to travel to a country with drug use restrictions or basic employment testing. This is a convenient way to get ready for the official test, and the stakes can be high. For this reason, it is useful to keep the following pros and cons in mind.


  • Test in private to gain confidence that the clinic drug test results will be negative.
  • Use a product that has been widely recognized as a top performer in the detox industry.
  • Everything needed to perform the detox safely is included in the program.
  • Way less stressful than carrying in synthetic urine


  • Like any other detox product available on the market, it is pricey
  • Although the rate of passing is very high, this product must be used incorrectly and produce positive drug test results.
  • Some levels of drug use are so high that it could result in a positive test regardless of the products used. Reduce or eliminate your use as soon as possible to get the best results.


Other Techniques to Pass a Drug Test for Weed

There are many techniques that people use to pass a drug test. As mentioned, the basic idea is to encourage the metabolism to process the THC so that it falls below the threshold levels during the clinical test.

Exercising is often advised by people who don’t understand that the THC levels could actually increase because it will leave the bloodstream via the urinary tract.

Another popular method is to take cleansing teas, detox drinks and eat foods like ginger, vinegar, cranberry juice and detox pills. However, these natural foods will not be able to conceal THC in a modern urine test.

A true THC Detox is best done naturally, and it usually takes around two months. However, some products from can help push all detectable toxins through the urinary system in short length of time.

No product will affect everyone in the same way and you could always test positive. A person’s height, weight and body-mass index can affect the results.

In my experience, a combination of methods will work better than relying on any one approach. For that reason, it is useful to try the natural method mentioned above in combination with a reliable marijuana detox program.

More on THC Metabolites and BMI

To further demonstrate the impact of BMI (Body Mass Index), consider a person who is just a couple of inches over six feet and weighs around 220 pounds. Most estimates say that a normal detection time is around two months.

man running

This is because the THC is stored in fat cells and metabolizes at a slower rate. In contrast, someone with low body fat who exercises frequently, could be clear in 2 weeks! What does all of this mean? Exercise!

You should undergo strenuous activity during your weed detox period. High interval and intense cardio sessions are what I personally recommend.


Other Reasons To Cleanse From THC

Besides preparing for a drug test, people put themselves through drug detox for various other reasons, too. Those reasons might include tolerance breaks, which I’ll explain in a sec, lifestyle changes, and alleviating the symptoms of withdrawal.


Tolerance breaks – As you smoke weed, your body becomes more and more efficient at processing THC, resulting in reduced effects. That means that your body built up a tolerance, and you’ll need to smoke or ingest larger quantities to get high.

Tolerance breaks, as their name suggests, help reduce your tolerance. You stop using weed for a few days or weeks, until residual THC leaves your body, reigniting your previously saturated THC receptors.

As a result, your tolerance drops, and you’ll need smaller doses of cannabis to achieve the desired effects. However, be prepared for potential withdrawal symptoms, as you’re doing your T-break.


Withdrawal Symptoms – Many people that developed high tolerance experience some form of cannabis withdrawal symptoms, like irritability, depression, or anxiety. Though the symptoms aren’t as intense as withdrawal from other substances, they can be slightly uncomfortable.

Hydration, exercise, rest, fresh air, and high-quality THC cleanse products, as stated in this paper, help alleviate withdrawal symptoms, making them much more manageable and tolerable.

Lifestyle changes – Cannabis in low doses can be good for your health. Smoking, on the other hand, isn’t. People usually perform a drug detox when they quit smoking weed, which helps them combat withdrawals and potential relapses. Plus, the added health benefits of removing toxins and free radicals from your system, along with the THC.


Conclusion: It Works But Take Every Precaution

When it comes to your career, don’t take chances on drug tests. Follow my advice by exercising and eating low-fat foods as much as possible. You can even try a juice cleanse diet leading up to the test.

Quit smoking weed well in advance of the test.

Again, there are many variables that account for natural weed detox in people with different body types. The amount of marijuana and frequency of use will also affect total amount of time.

If you are facing this situation definitely consider the 10-day THC detox program as the answer your dilemma. With diet and exercise, you can achieve a peace of mind without giving up your personal life.


Guest Author: John Miller

John is a guest blogger and mostly writes pieces for the tech sector. he currently resides in Boston, MA.

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    Its like you learn my mind! You seem to know so much
    about this, like you wrote the ebook in it or something.
    I feel that you simply could do with some p.c. to pressure the message home a little bit, but instead of that, that
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  2. Natalie says

    I’m doing a lot of sauna to detox. Yesterday, I did 40 minutes and I almost faint when I walked out of the sauna room. Can I really detox weed by sweating? Man, I regret taking that thing but it feels so good to be high.

    1. The Detox Doc says

      Hi Natalie,

      You should definitely consult a doctor first. If you’re feeling faint, definitely don’t continue your sauna sessions. While sweating helps, it’s not the only method you should be practicing. Check out our posts on this topic for more info.

  3. Tim says

    PASSING A DRUG TEST IS EASY if you follow the directions below a few days before your drug test:

    1. Don’t use cannabis!

    2. Go keto (low carb) and start burring fat!

    3. Drink a bunch of water and things like tea to flush your system and ramp up your metabolism.

    4. Exercise some, either by walking jogging or hitting the sauna!

    5. Lastly get a detox kit from someone reputable like ; I’ve use it a couple times and it hasnt failed me yet.

    Don’t try to cheat your drug screen and use synthetic urine; the labs are too sophisticated and you’ll definitely get caught. Be smart guys and give up the habit for a few days. It wont be as bad as you think!

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