The Shocking Health Benefits Of Drinking Hot Coffee Everyday

The Shocking Health Benefits Of Drinking Hot Coffee Everyday

Nothing is better than a whiff of hot coffee in the morning. The smell itself is enough to kick-start your day, supplying you with the energy you need to stay at the top of your game. Nevertheless, your morning cup of coffee is much more than a good source of caffeine; it entails many health benefits as well.

So, if you are anything like us and cannot go a day without coffee, you may find yourself torn between cold-brewed and hot brewed coffee.

Although cold brew might seem enticing on hot summer days, it has been scientifically proven that the hot variant can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

If you want to know more, just keep reading the next few surprising health benefits:

health benefits of drinking coffee
health benefits of drinking coffee

It Contains Extra Antioxidants

Antioxidants are great for your body because they combat the free radicals your body produces when you eat, drink alcohol, and become exposed to sunlight and various toxins. These free radicals can destroy your body’s cells, so antioxidants stop this process.

Based on a 2018 study, scientists have found that hot-brewed coffee has higher levels of antioxidants compared to cold brew. This indicates that hot coffee reduces your risk of diabetes, cancer, and early death. Using a decent coffee machine helps preserve the main nutrients in your cup of coffee.

It Makes You More Alert

Hot coffee has a higher dose of caffeine than cold brew, which helps you wake up faster and stay alert for the rest of the day. Even the smell itself can eliminate the groggy feeling of waking up early and not being able to open your eyes. So, if you want to stay exuberant all day long, good, strong espresso is going to be your best friend.

Just make sure to brew it yourself using a high-quality coffee maker. Before you buy any brand, read online reviews to make sure the machine will be able to give you all the benefits coffee can offer.

It might seem too good to be true, but the effects of coffee aroma have been meticulously studied, which led scientists to conclude that the smell of coffee can impact the activity levels of the brain.

It Improves Your Mood

Sure, cold brew helps you cool down, but did you know that merely holding a cup of hot coffee can drastically improve your mood? Surprisingly, researchers have found that the warm feeling you get from drinking hot coffee or just holding the cup is more than just a physical sensation.

It can make you see people in a more generous light and even put you in a good mood that lasts all day long. Moreover, coffee reduces your stress level, allowing you to be less irritable and finish tasks more efficiently. Yet, the most surprising fact about coffee is that it can even fight depression, the primary reason behind suicide worldwide.

According to Harvard University, researchers have found that coffee lovers who drink up to 4 cups a day are 53% less likely to succumb to depression and commit suicide. Coffee is more than just an aromatic, caffeinated beverage!

It Can be an Effective Pain Killer

It sounds so good to be true, but did you know that coffee can act as a painkiller? Surprisingly, caffeine, which is found in abundance in hot coffee, has effective anti-inflammatory properties.

This makes coffee able to treat headaches and offer relief, especially when combined with other painkillers like aspirin. It was also proven that coffee can help reduce muscle pain after a vigorous workout by up to 48%.

It Prevents Teeth Cavities

No one can deny the fact that the occasional visit to the dentist’s clinic can be an absolute nightmare. From the smell of antiseptic to the scary-looking tools, everything seems to yell at you to flee the place. What if I told you that coffee can make your periodic dental checkup a breeze?

Black coffee has been found to decrease the risk of tooth cavities, as it fights bacteria that cause tooth decay which may require unaffordable cosmetic dentistry to get fixed.

Yet, adding a splash of milk or some sugar may do the exact opposite, so steer away from adding them to your coffee daily. Besides, if you are already a fan of black coffee, you are in luck!

It Lowers the Risk of Alzheimer’s

Commonly seen in elderly people, Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects memory, thinking processes, and behavior. It is one of the major causes of dementia worldwide, as it is responsible for up to 70% of its cases. Unfortunately, it is incurable; however, you can take preventive steps to avoid developing it in the first place. Coffee has been proven to reduce the risk of getting this disease by 65%.

It Fights Heart Disease

If you want to keep your heart healthy in your 80s, then drink more coffee! Studies have found that coffee reduces the hardening of arteries in people who drink 3 cups or more a day. This number may seem ridiculous to some, but you can only drink 2 cups a day to get these benefits if you get the jitters from drinking too much coffee.

It Prevents Cancer

The miraculous health benefits of coffee do not stop here. Even when it comes to cancer, coffee reduces the risk of some types. The most prominent types it prevents are liver and colorectal cancer.

In addition to reducing the risk of liver cancer by 40%, coffee can even protect you from cirrhosis, a condition that leads to scar tissue forming on your liver due to diseases like hepatitis, by 80%.

It Protects You from Parkinson’s Disease

With one million Americans suffering from Parkinson’s, it is no longer an uncommon illness. Parkinson’s, which currently does not have any known cure, attacks the nervous system, causing rigidity, tremors, slow movement, slurred speech, balance problems, and a hunched posture.

Nevertheless, this seemingly incurable disease is not typically found among coffee drinkers. Recent research has proved that drinking coffee can protect people from developing Parkinson’s even when genetic causes are to blame.

It Prevents Early Death

Coffee will not grant you immortality, but it can increase your lifespan. Coffee drinkers have been found to live longer, healthier lives thanks to the properties of coffee.

As you can see from the above points, it can protect you from various diseases that can cause early death, which was confirmed by two studies issued in 2017.

Although coffee is known for being a morning beverage that helps people wake up, it has many other health benefits.

From preventing cancer and heart disease to putting you in a better mood, coffee truly helps your body reach its full potential. So, do not forget to grab your cup of hot coffee every morning to enjoy these health benefits.