Try Chiropractic Treatments for a Natural Alternative

Try Chiropractic Treatments for a Natural Alternative

In today’s modern world, we have all the necessary technologies to treat some of the deadliest diseases. More and more innovations are coming about every day to prevent bad things from happening and encourage new health trends.

Chiropractic Treatments for a Natural Alternative
Chiropractic Treatments for a Natural Alternative

One aspect of healthcare that has had its impact is known as people becoming more comfortable: musculoskeletal disorders.

It’s been well known for over a hundred years that people who are sedentary and sit at desks for the majority of their time will likely develop some musculoskeletal illness.

This is because the human body wasn’t only meant to move. It was meant to move often.

The human body was built to be in continuous motion throughout the majority of the day. We did, after all, socially evolve from hunter-gatherers. And no matter how much we advance in technology, we still have the same hunter-gatherer bodies.

How Chiropractors Operate

Modern medicine has an atomized view of how to treat things. They’re amazing for things like infections, cancers, and chemical imbalances.

But when it comes to movement and musculoskeletal health, chiropractors are more honed in the holistic and all-encompassing approach that movement-based medicine needs.

They went from theory to practicing alongside athletes and elite physical specimens to see what works and what doesn’t work. Because if you’re an athlete, and you eat based on how well you physically perform, you cannot compromise when it comes to your bones, joints, and muscles.

It’s An Evidence-Based Practice

Chiropractic medicine has been put under a microscope in recent decades due to its core beliefs as a healthcare practice. The origins of Chiropractic theory were rooted in alternative models to the current medical model of the West.

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Chiropractic Treatments for a Natural Alternative

But ever since research has stepped in to decipher which ideas ring true and which do not, the Chiropractic community embraced a purely evidence-based medical model in line with what the rest of the medical community advocates. Even more, than some medical doctors, chiropractors are truly a patient-driven practice.

There are very few approved medicines and concoctions that a chiropractor is going to prescribe. Most of the high-level legitimate ones are very careful about what they give their patients. That’s a far cry from the indiscriminate overprescribing we see in other medical practices.

Because chiropractic medicine has been proven to treat musculoskeletal and movement disorders adequately, they stick to that and do it better than anyone.

What Do Chiropractors Focus On?

The focus of any chiropractic clinic is spine health. Others may overlook the spine, but not chiropractors. That’s their specialty. When you first schedule your appointment at a clinic, the first thing they will do is do a physical examination.

This involves palpating various points manually or even getting an X-ray. Your first visit is always more of a fact-finding mission than an immediate treatment day. They’ll narrow down the issues based on your statements and movement when you get assessed.

Since the majority of musculoskeletal pain originates in the spine (it holds the spinal cord, the main central nervous system branch that tells the rest of the body what to do and when), that’s the area they’ll most likely manipulate to relax areas or give controlled force.

The end goal is to increase the quality and range of your movement at any point you feel like you need help. Shoulder mobility always starts are the muscles attaching it to the spine. Lower back pain is often caused by your psoas muscle and its compression effect on the spine.

Neck pain is cervical spine pain. Most of the topmost encountered pain issues stem from spine issues. This is why it’s incredibly important to keep it healthy under the guidance of a practice that focuses mainly on spinal health. It only makes sense.

Chiropractic As Preventive Medicine

Chiropractic treatments work not only as a pain management system but as a preventive medical precaution. Having a good relationship with a chiropractor gives you access to a professional that understands the root cause of your joint and back pain and can prescribe treatments relative to you and not the majority.

Studies done in 2016 found that chiropractors were a much more cost-effective alternative to modern Western medical pain management, the latter often involving dangerous drugs that have gotten people addicted. It’s because of expensive and ill-advised pain management that the entire world has a massive opioid problem.

The epidemic in the United States alone claims more than 70,000 people every year in the form of an opioid overdose.

Chiropractors, having that more holistic and personal approach to medicine, tend not to resort to these medications and maintain that their mechanical manipulation treatments are just as effective.

And in the wake of a growing number of opioid addicts, it may as well be the best treatment overall.

Studies On Chiropractic Medicine

There have been some concerns over the safety of subluxation treatments and manual manipulation, especially for neck pain. Major studies in 2007 and 2016 found that there were some side effects of chiropractic treatment, but they were, for the most part, mild.

Spinal massage It included slight discomfort in the area, tiredness, and headaches. But none of them were reported to last longer than a few days.

There were no long-lasting or permanent negative effects of chiropractic treatments were reported.

These reports were only a shock to those in other medical fields that first questioned the practice of chiropractic medicine. The truth is it has changed and evolved more than any other branch of medicine.

People are still being prescribed the same drugs that they were prescribed 50 years ago.

Studies are still coming out supporting medical industry bias. There’s still a major stranglehold on insurance companies and doctors from big pharma.

It’s all at play in that world. That doesn’t mean the chiropractic world doesn’t have its politics and misunderstandings. But it doesn’t involve billions of dollars in lobby money and political influence. Chiropractors focus on trying to figure out what works best. That’s all.

For people looking to have a good alternative to their pain management, look no further than chiropractors.

They’ll work with you and your budget to find the best means of relieving your pain, mostly with the use of harmful drugs or addictive pills. Their goal is to help you. And as science and technology evolve, they’ll evolve with it.